Pico Tanks (v45) – RADICAL EVENT

Pico Tanks is now available on the App Store and Google Play globally! You can discuss this update on the official discussion thread on our subreddit.

Updates in this version


29 April, 2021

New Features

  • 🛰️ ORBITAL STRIKE WEAPON: Bring the heat down on your enemies!
  • ⚔️ 1v1 DUELS FEATURE: Challenge any player to a duel on a purpose built level!
  • 🗯️ SPRAYS: Leave your mark on the battlefield!
  • 💯 RADICAL EVENT: Sick guitar riffs and stacks of NEW content and cosmetics!
    • The Radical Event will end Sunday May 30th at 11:59pm UTC.


  • • You can now see a players’ Survival high score on their profile.
  • • You are now shown a warning when you try to group up with someone who you can’t play with due to your connection latency.
  • • Tank treadmark visibility is now not affected by the visibility of your tank.
  • • Upgraded the Monster Truck treadmark texture.
  • • You can now play the tutorial with a controller.
  • • You can now open loot boxes faster.


  • Machine Gun Turret: Reduced projectile damage from 300 to 270 at level 1 and 400 to 360 at level 20.
  • Zapper Weapon: Reduced damage rate from 1530 to 1380 at level 1 and 2025 to 1830 at level 20.
  • Zapper Turret: Now slows down enemies while dealing damage.


  • Cloak Gadget Ability: Its armor is now shown in the tank part popup.


03 March, 2021


  • • Fixed the wide screen option not being visible during battles on tablets.
  • • Fixed the Move and Repair team commands not making the correct sounds.
  • • Fixed a crash that occurred if your event progress is between 540 and 600.
  • • Fixed a crash that occurred if you tried to skip the introductory tutorial.
  • • Fixed the Survival game mode showing your high score as one higher than it was during battles.
  • • Other minor bug fixes.