Pico Tanks (v44) – EASTER EVENT

Pico Tanks is now available on the App Store and Google Play globally! You can discuss this update on the official discussion thread on our subreddit.

Updates in this version


25 March, 2021

New Features

  • ⚔️ CONTROL THE POINT (CTP): New gamemode! Battle for control to score points and win the match!
  • 🌲 WOODLAND WARFARE: New map! Be the team to launch the nuke in our first Control The Point map!
  • 🐇 EASTER EVENT: Pico Tanks hops into Easter overdrive with new Skins, Toppers, Player Icons, and more!
  • 🌟 PLAY HOW YOU LIKE: Earn Stars by playing Competitive or Arcade games to progress along the Easter event road!


  • • Once at Division 16, you can now earn an additional 250 Division points (before Division MAX is reached).
  • • Mission Stars are being retired. Completing missions now earns you Keys.
    • Please open your remaining Mission Crates to regain access to Missions.
  • • While an Event is active, you can now see upcoming rewards on the Battle screen.
  • • Spawn invincibility set to 3 seconds in all modes except Fetch The Cargo, where it remains at 1 second.
  • • You can now select your Player Icon without exiting the selection screen.


  • Zapper Weapon: Reduced damage rate from 1560 to 1530 at level 1 and 2250 to 2025 at level 20.
  • Artillery Turret Ability: Increased range from 10 to 11 at level 1 and 11 to 12 at level 20.
  • Cannon Turret Ability: Increased range from 10 to 11 at level 1 and 10 to 11 at level 20.
  • Seeker Turret Ability: Increased range from 11 to 12 at level 1 and 12 to 13 at level 20.


  • • Fixed a bug that resulted in some Daily Reward and Event sounds playing extra loud.
  • • Fixed Turrets occasionally not engaging with enemies that are near maximum range.


New Features

26 March, 2021

  • 💣 LAUNCH THE NUKE: When your team wins a Control The Point game, a nuke will now launch!


  • • Fixed the nuke not firing at the end of a battle in the Woodland Warfare map.
  • • Fixed the small gap that appears in the score bar UI for TDM, HTF, and CTP gamemodes.
  • • Fixed some tooltip position and depth issues.


08 April, 2021


  • • Extended the Easter Event by 1 week.
    • It will now end April 25th at 11:59pm UTC.