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Pico Tanks (v34) – MEGA EASTER UPDATE

Pico Tanks is now available on the App Store and Google Play globally! You can discuss this update on the official discussion thread on our subreddit.

Updates in this version


3 April, 2020

New Features

  • • Mega Easter Event. Win battles to earn exclusive event rewards! Get an event pass for even more rewards!
  • • Lumber Lake – New Team Deathmatch map set *at night*
  • • Caliber – New high powered weapon.
  • • Quad Tread – New body.
  • • 4x Easter egg wrapper skins.
  • • Chocolate Premium skin.
  • • 4x Chocolate Basket toppers.
  • • Bunny Ears topper.
  • • 3x Chocolate Egg toppers.
  • • Chocolate Sheep topper. Oh, that looks tasty!
  • • Bunny – New player icon.
  • • Egg critters now populate the world of Pico Tanks!


  • • Bubble shield no longer pops when you touch the side of the train on Cargo Cove.
  • • Fixed Bouncer projectiles going through the train on Cargo Cove.
  • • Fixed a bug where the reconnecting popup would get stuck when you restored the application.


6 April, 2020


  • • Fixed players getting stuck in the Easter Event road tutorial.
  • • Added missing stats for the Caliber and Quad Tread in the garage part popup.
  • • Fixed firing range button not working.
  • • Fixed Easter Event road not focusing on current progress correctly.
  • • Removed deers from Backwood Basin.


9 April, 2020

New Features

  • • Lots of upgrades to the Easter event road with animations, sounds and translations.


17 April, 2020

New Features

  • • Added the ability to accelerate event progress with gems.
  • • Added introductory missions for new players.
  • • Cannon Turret – Now visually springs around when shooting and being shot.
  • • Added sound effects to previewing items on the Easter Event road.


  • • Rebalanced the spring forces on all the tanks and weapons, so things should appear a little springier. This has no impact on game balance.


  • • Fixed bug allowing players to fire while tethered to the cargo.
  • • The tank spawn animation now plays correctly during battles.
  • • You can no longer throw abilities into the sawmill on the Firing Range.
  • • Fixed new chat messages not positioning correctly.
  • • Fixed an occasional crash that occurred when the flag was picked up.


23 April, 2020


  • • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes freeze or crash around 33% loading when entering a battle.
  • • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes freeze or crash when players are spawning into the battle.
  • • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash when collecting an event reward.
  • • Fixed a bug where your drones would not heal or attack while you are pulling the cargo.
  • • Fixed invite to group popup not showing recent players tab when friends who are online are in your group.


27 April, 2020

New Features

  • • Caliber – New weapon that can now be discovered in Division 6.
  • • Quad Tread – New body that can now be discovered in Division 7.

Balancing Changes

  • • Spud Gun – Decreased projectile damage from 828 to 824 at level 1 and from 1759 to 1622 at level 20. Increased reload time from 2s to 2.5s at level 20. Decreased range from 10 to 9.5.
  • • Viper – Decreased projectile count from 6 to 4 at level 20.
  • • Bouncer – Now after a Bouncer projectile bounces it deals double damage instead of triple and speeds up less.
  • • Logzooka –  Increased range from 8 to 8.5.
  • • Caliber – Increased range from 10 to 11 at level 1.
  • • Monster Truck – Reduced armor from 3440 to 3220 at level 1 and 6765 to 6070 at level 20.


  • • Adjusted the rarity of cosmetics, emotes, and player icons.
  • • Legendary and Vivid cosmetics can now be purchased for gems in the daily deals.
  • • Removed the ability to like your own post-battle commendation.


  • • Fixed a spot where you could escape the level on Team Deathmatch map Lumber Lake.
  • • Fixed some grammatical errors in the descriptions of some of the items.


2 May, 2020


  • • Fixed a bug where the player could tether to the cargo from longer than expected distances.
  • • Fixed the Mega Easter Event summary popup appearing for everyone.
  • • Fixed a player data caching issue.