Pico Tanks Version 9.0 Update

Pico Tanks is now available on the App Store and Google Play globally! You can discuss this update on the official discussion thread on our subreddit.

Updates in this version

IMPORTANT NOTE: To get these changes, please ensure that you have the correct version downloaded on your mobile device. You can check which version you have by tapping on the settings ⚙ in the Pico Tanks Battle Screen.
Please go to the Pico Tanks Discord Server to discuss these changes and any issues you find. Pico Tanks is currently in beta and any feedback is appreciated.

New Features

  • Added new team command emotes so you can better communicate with your team! The 3 commands are ‘attack’, ‘group up’ and ‘heal me’!
  • You will no longer lose your connection when the game is paused (Low battery popup, opening the notification tray, minimising the app, etc)
  • You will have 10 seconds to get back into the game before you are disconnected due to inactivity! Your team needs you!


  • Android: New notification icon

New Items

  • Skin: Lava Lamp Green
  • Skin: Lava Lamp Multicolor
  • Skin: Lava Lamp Purple
  • Skin: Blue & White Panels
  • Skin: Green & White Panels
  • Skin: Pink & White Panels
  • Skin: Yellow & Blue Panels
  • Skin: Red & Blue Panels
  • Skin: Red & White Panels
  • Skin: Red, White & Blue
  • Skin: Red Panels
  • Skin: Green Panels
  • Skin: Blue Panels
  • Skin: Yellow Panels
  • Skin: Purple Panels
  • Skin: Galaxy Premium


  • Repair Arc: Fixed a bug with the fluid inside the weapon was rendering incorrectly
  • iOS: The UI textures should look nice and crisp now, just like on Android
  • Fixed a timing issue where there was a chance you could drop the flag just as your team hit 100 points and the game wouldn’t end
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would clip through the seabed on the shipping yard level
  • Fixed a bug with the ability ‘throw’ visualisation. It should now change opacity based on whether you can use the ability or not
  • Fixed objective flag shadows not animating when the flag is on the floor
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the game to crash when your mines caused enemy mines to detonate on death