Pico Tanks Version 20.0 Update

Pico Tanks is now available on the App Store and Google Play globally! You can discuss this update on the official discussion thread on our subreddit.

Updates in this version

IMPORTANT NOTE: To get these changes, please ensure that you have the correct version downloaded on your mobile device. You can check which version you have by tapping on the settings ⚙ in the Pico Tanks Battle Screen.
Please go to the Pico Tanks Discord Server to discuss these changes and any issues you find. Pico Tanks is currently in beta and any feedback is appreciated. Check the Pico Tanks Beta page for when our next scheduled playtest is!

New Features

  • New Fetch-The-Cargo map Grassy Gully
  • Player icon and emote UI now shows whether they are unlocked and what rarity they are
  • Metagame has been rebalanced
  • New popup that shows what items you have discovered when entering a new Division
  • You now earn a crate for leveling up


  • Common items are now a beige color instead of grey to help differentiate them from locked items
  • Hid REMOVE FRIEND button in the Battle screen user popup to avoid confusion with the KICK from group button


  • Fixed Delicious emoji emote missing its sound
  • Fixed Body speed values being incorrectly rounded
  • Fixed some icons missing a black stroke
  • Fixed some tank previews which were clipping parts of your tank
  • Fixed black progress bars on some older devices
  • Fixed a bug which stopped some buttons animating when clicking on them a second time
  • Fixed music glitching that occurred when first entering the menu
  • Fixed Division (previously displayed as Battle Rank) UI showing 0 instead of 1
  • Fixed controls being invisible during the countdown phase