Pico Tanks Version 19.0 Update

Pico Tanks is now available on the App Store and Google Play globally! You can discuss this update on the official discussion thread on our subreddit.

Updates in this version

IMPORTANT NOTE: To get these changes, please ensure that you have the correct version downloaded on your mobile device. You can check which version you have by tapping on the settings ⚙ in the Pico Tanks Battle Screen.
Please go to the Pico Tanks Discord Server to discuss these changes and any issues you find. Pico Tanks is currently in beta and any feedback is appreciated. Check the Pico Tanks Beta page for when our next scheduled playtest is!

New Features

  • You can now see how many crate keys you have earnt on the battle screen and open crates (WIP)
  • Added various popups that prompt the player when the game starts to inform them that the online services are in maintenance, the version they are playing is outdated or if there is no internet connection detected
  • Tank cosmetics are now sorted by color


  • Updated leave group button
  • Updated paste icon


  • Fixed players spawning on top of each other at the start of the match
  • Fixed Cannon Turret trying to fire through some level obstacles
  • Fixed crunchy sounding Minigun projectile explosion sounds